Discover how to boost health and happiness (while maintaining your day job).

Overwhelmed or overloaded? I know what it feels like to be on the brink of burnout, with your job sucking away at your soul, and for fun & free time to be a distant memory.

It feels like your life has become a list of "shoulds." Your stress levels are through the roof. Your job keeps you financially afloat but you find it absolutely draining. You have no energy at the end of the day and when you do finally make it home, all you want to do is slump on the sofa.

Perhaps your stress has even affected your physical health. You may feel “blah,” discouraged, frustrated, and sometimes dread getting up in the morning. You’re drained, burned out, unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled.


You're not alone.

But this is no way to live your life.

You had big dreams. Where did they go?

There has to be more to life than this. What ever happened to your goals and dreams?

But the trouble is, right now you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and on the verge of burnout. You’ve hit the wall. You’re stagnant. In gridlock. Your life is like walking on the spot. You dream of making a change, but you just can’t seem to move forward.  You’re stuck and feel unable to take the first step.  

Just imagine jumping out of bed each morning feeling happy, excited and fulfilled. Spending your day, doing something you love, using your skills. Something with meaning. Feeling calm and knowing that there is enough time in the day to spend quality time with the people you love. Imagine actually enjoying yourself. 

There IS a way to get unstuck, to feel less stressed and enjoy your life.

It's time to stop ignoring your needs once and for all.

Hi, I’m Nancie. I’m a coach specializing in happiness and well-being. I will help you get unstuck, reduce stress and design the life of your dreams in order to truly flourish. 

I know what it’s like to face burnout -- I’ve been there. And I turned it around. I’m here to help you to do the same.  If you want to start a new chapter but don’t know how, let me help you. 

Ready to go from Overwhelm to OM? My Burnout To Bliss Program will help you to take steps towards beating burnout and designing your ideal life.  This is a fun, relaxing program that is delivered in bite-sized chunks -- not just something to add to your to-do list!  Here’s what you’ll learn:  

  • Tried and true ways to enhance your own happiness and overall well-being

  • Strategies to help you reduce stress, recharge and gain a greater sense of balance so you feel more alive

  • How to take control of your life again so that you gain a greater sense of inner peace, meaning, purpose and fulfillment


Are you ready for a transformation and shift in order to focus on your own happiness? 

Do you know in your gut that it’s time to take care of yourself?

You can get started immediately. You can complete the program on your own and don't even have to commit to certain dates or times.

Let's face it -- it's hard to flourish or gain clarity if you're feeling overwhelmed. 

From Burnout to Bliss: 10 Steps to a More Relaxed, Happier You.

Investment:  $37.00

Duration:  10 Lessons (Go at your own pace)

Delivery:  Self study! This is a DIY online program that you will complete on your own.  So grab some nice hot tea and a pen - this is totally YOU time.

Details: You can start now! There are no set dates or times that you have to commit to. You can go through the program on your own time. How it works: Once you register, you will receive 10 lessons with corresponding worksheets. You will have access to log in to an online platform and work on it on your own time. The written lessons are delivered every few days, and you will receive an email every time the next lesson is available.

Each lesson has a "self-care step," and several lessons have journal sheets to aide in your reflection and self-care.

You've wished, hoped, visualized and read self-help it's time to follow through and take action towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

Imagine, where could you be next month? How will your life be different? 

Nancie’s class was an oasis in an otherwise noisy digital world. Her stress management techniques are invaluable, as she shows how to eliminate the clutter in our day-to-day lives . Thanks to her I’ve been able to control my stress, and put my life more in perspective. I clearly see the world differently now.
— Randy F.