Around 2004, I was at a point in my life where I felt bored and burned out. There had to be more to life than this.

Something had to change.

There was a turning point, a moment of realization. Something changed inside me.
I realized that I was actually creating a lot of my own stress and overwhelm.  I learned more and more about the research behind happiness and really delved into personal development. Eventually I quit my job and decided to start own my own business.

I knew it was time for me to find fulfillment and to re-write my own story.

I wanted a life filled with more excitement, fun and freedom, and I realized it was totally possible. I liked the idea of being independent, and being my own boss.

After receiving my master’s degree, I received further training in professional coaching to help people reach their full potential, and continued to receive training on stress reduction, mindset, and positive psychology. I dedicated myself to helping people like you who are experiencing burnout or feeling stuck to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

- - - - 

After overcoming my own obstacles, I now help people flourish rather than "just get by." I help motivated individuals reduce burnout and design a life that they feel is aligned with their values so that they can pursue their passions. Since I have seen so many people stressed, ill or burned out from a “soul-sucking job,” I feel passionately about helping people design a life that really lights them up.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to be happier?!

We are all works in progress; self growth and development are part of a life-long journey. There is no reason to stay stuck or continue to feel burned out.

I will help you take steps to get to where you want to be.

I will help you:

  • design your ideal life
  • reduce stress and burnout
  • get unstuck and stop spinning your wheels once and for all  
  • step out of your comfort zone and get out of your own way 
  • develop a plan for self-care
  • gain clarity on next steps
  • gain courage and push through fears
  • reach your personal and professional goals
  • listen to your inner voice
  • live an overall happier, more fulfilled life in line with your values.

Whether you want to reduce stress, beat burnout or simply create meaningful personal goals, I will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  If you've set intentions and have dreams you'd like to reach, I'll be there for encouragement, support and accountability. It is my goal to help you take steps towards your full potential, rather than going through the motions of life.

We will meet via Skype or phone 3 times per month for at least 4 months for consistency, momentum and the best results for positive change. The process is truly transformative. 

Since I offer convenient phone and Skype sessions, where you are located on this beautiful planet does not matter.

Some of my passions include:

  • Helping you find (or re-discover) YOUR passions
  • Stress reduction and helping people cope with burnout
  • The psychology of personal motivation
  • The science of happiness and well-being
  • Mindfulness
  • Mind/body medicine and integrative health
  • Positive mental health
  • Self-care
  • On a personal level: music, food, travel and researching my Italian ancestry. :)
I am 200% happier and feel very fulfilled. Nancie has helped me to believe in myself and my abilities and continues to help me set future plans and directions with my new venture.
— Tom B.
Nancie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me focus, assisted with clear short and long-term goal setting, and provided invaluable guidance for determining the career path that most resonated with me.
— GH
Nancie was fundamental in helping determine the right path for me and had many great tools and resources to assist with keeping on track, and staying focused and motivated.
— Mary