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I ultimately wanted to obtain clarity and focus on what I desired most. Feeling complacent at my current position, I knew something was off but I couldn't figure out exactly what it was. Not only did you help align me to my desired future state, you also helped with a variety of other smaller productivity challenges as well. In 3 months, I was able to make significant progress on challenges that I've been facing for 30 years.

~ Alex Gonzalez, Entrepreneur 

This was just the push I needed. In the three months we worked together, I accomplished so many things that I had been thinking about and wanting to do for YEARS. My husband even said that I seem happier. You’ve been great — thank you!

~ Client L.

My time with Nancie was priceless. Any reservations I had about spending the money were gone after my first session. Nancie knew all the right questions to ask to lead me where I needed to be.  he also helped to take away my feelings of guilt and failure. One of the most important things I learned from her was how much more successful I could be as a person by doing the things that God built me to do. I wasn’t built to be a nurse, my talents lay elsewhere, and that is o.k. She taught me that I should be doing things that give me energy not take away all my energy. I also learned that I didn’t have to fit into a certain mold; I could create my place in the world and make it work for me. 

As a result of my time spent with Nancie I have now stopped negative thoughts that don’t serve me, and have learned to keep momentum moving forward with things that I am passionate about. The difference that Nancie has made in my life is priceless. I have now started my own business and it immediately took off. You can’t imagine the ease that comes with doing what you are meant to do. When you are really good at something, something that comes naturally to you, people sense it and are drawn to you. Life is so easy now and things just seem to fall into my lap. My family even sees the difference in me, and my confidence. So the difference is not just in my career but my family life too. I am so grateful to Nancie and everything she has opened my eyes to."

~ Kristin Collins, A Glamour Affair, Dallas, GA

My greatest challenge was taking the first step. I needed to know why this was something that I should do. It (coaching) was an unknown factor for me, and I didn't know what to expect. While working with you, I learned that understanding why I have goals is as important as the goals themselves. The why behind it all is a great motivating force. You’re so easy to communicate with, and I felt like the more I put in the more I got out. So that really helped me open up to the process. I would and I will recommend you to others. I saw real results and would recommend that to anyone.

~ Craig, Atlanta, GA

When I first reached out to Nancie, I was officially on autopilot. She was all-in to foster movement in my life. After she worked me through admitting my dreams to myself, she then helped me breakdown a tactical plan to acheive them. She is an absolute momentum builder by celebrating each step forward while identifying a game plan to burst through any barriers that arise. Such a short time working with Nancie, my ideal life began materializing. Flourishing feels amazing.

~ Heather Breedlove

My problem, and the reason I called Nancie, was that I had simply become tired of doing just fine.  In every area of my life, I wanted to be doing awesome!  I didn't know quite what to expect when I first started working with Nancie but she immediately put me at ease.  I figured it was going to be a simple process; I was going to come up with a bunch of lofty goals and Nancie was going to help me achieve all of them.  Once I achieved at least most of those goals, my life was indeed going to be "awesome".  Fortunately, I was totally wrong!  The fact of the matter was that I just wasn't happy and, since I didn't know to change that, I made up a story in my head that I would finally be happy once I achieved certain goals, made a certain amount of money, etc.  I was totally ignoring the fact that I had been telling myself those same stories for 20+ years yet still had never managed to achieve that elusive happiness.  

Nancie has helped me realize that it is totally possible to be happy today right where I am.  That process took time and will be different for everybody, but Nancie is a wonderful guide.  She's kind and insightful without the slightest hint of judgement.  Her guidance, encouragement and genuine excitement for my progress has had a powerful impact on my life.  I'm well on my way to achieving the goals I initially set with Nancie but those achievements are only a byproduct of a newfound happiness and gratitude instead of the other way around. Simply put, I'm a work in progress but, since working with Nancie, I have learned to embrace and enjoy the process.  

~  Mike

My greatest challenge was being unfulfilled and very unhappy with my career.  I was lying to myself and was not living my highest truth nor following my passions and dreams.  I was not working in a company with my same values and only working for the money. I felt like my soul was leaving my body every time I walked into the door of the firm.

Working with Nancie has been inspiring. She has a grace and presence about her that is indescribable. She helps you form a plan, assists you in setting goals to achieve that plan, while also holding you accountable to that plan. I look forward to meeting with Nancie every week and gaining from her knowledge, experience, and overall "goodness". She is truly one of the angels on this Earth.

Since working with Nancie I have left my former firm.  I am now chasing my dreams and working with people and organizations with the same value systems.  I am 200% happier and feel very fulfilled.  Nancie has helped me to believe in myself and my abilities and continues to help me set future plans and directions with my new venture.

I feel motivated and ready to seize the day each and everyday.  I am following my dreams and working to make myself and the world better.  I am eternally grateful for Nancie's guidance and kindness.

Tom Breedlove, Founder of Choose Goodness

My whole life I have tried to achieve this sense of inner peace and self-acceptance by being successful in school and work. No matter how many goals I reached and surpassed, how many awards I won, or how many people were impressed with my credentials, on the inside I never felt satisfied. This caused me to continually doubt myself, to struggle with comparing myself to others, and to simply feel like I will just never be or do enough.

Since (my son) arrived, somehow all the things I used to obsess about don't matter. To him, I know I will always be enough.

Nancie, I have you to thank for helping me get to this point. You helped me become aware of my self-defeating behaviors .... You helped me understand that life doesn't have to be lived through a series of work-related successes, and can instead be lived through love. Working with you did not diminish my work ethic or desire to succeed professionally, but rather helped me learn about my own priorities and to determine my own self-worth based on those.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a guiding light. You never told me what to think or what to do, but somehow magically knew all the right questions to ask, and knew just when to be quiet and listen, to help me figure it out for myself. Now I realize I had the "answers" I was searching for all along, but never trusted myself. Thank you for helping me trust myself.

I know life is a long journey, and that I will continually have to work on growing as a person (and now as a mom, too!). But I just wanted you to life feels complete.

~ Kristin M.

"I had come to a place where I was no longer excited or motivated in starting a fashion design business. I was burnt out and full of anxiety and fear about the future. Nancie was fundamental in helping determine the right path for me and had many great tools and resources to assist with keeping on track, and staying focused and motivated. Unexpectedly I learned a great deal about myself and who I am as a designer. I am now better prepared and more confidant in my future and personal choices. I am reconnected with my work as a designer on a higher and more intentional level."

~ Mary, Fashion Designer, Atlanta, GA

"Working with Nancie is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. You're going to get what you put it into it. It's not magic or alchemy that occurs when you meet with her, it's more of a self-realization of what one can accomplish. If you show up to all the appointments, totally immerse yourself into what the two of you come up with and DO THE WORK, you will know exactly what you want and what you are able to manifest into your life."

~ Joey Zelinka, Chef, Atlanta, GA

"Nancie, A quick note to express my appreciation for your help. You have a great style and methods for helping me think through things (that perhaps should be obvious, but are difficult to work through on my own). It’s been helpful to have your questions, perspectives, and insights....I am sincere when I say that I appreciate your work and talents. Thank you." 

~ Client W., President and CEO, Atlanta, GA.

"Nancie, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You've helped me become a better person and get to the place where I want to be... I'm happier and have so much more confidence than when I first started out."  


"You have been tremendously helpful. I would not be where I am today without you! Thank you so much!"

- Client Y., University Professor

"I'm waking up with much more DRIVE now than I was a month ago. It's refreshing."

~ Client A., Sales Executive

"Before working with Nancie, I was stuck in personal rut. I was coming out of a time of intense illness and was having trouble setting reasonable goals for myself. I had a very large perfectionistic streak which was not helpful to me. Nancie was so positive and I always felt both nurtured and challenged, which is a difficult balance. She also encouraged me to come up with my own solutions but was always ready with suggestions and advice and held me accountable when I needed it. I have learned a different definition of success, which has been revolutionary for me. I learned the power of making both long term goals, short term goals, and the importance of keeping my long term goals always in the back of my mind. I learned also the power of positive self-statements and continue to actively change thought patterns that no longer serve me. I am still challenged by illness, which is always difficult, but I have a handful of great tools that I know will serve me well and continue to get me to where I want to be."

~ Megan

"Prior to meeting Nancie, I felt stuck, knowing that a major lifestyle and career change was needed, but not knowing how to get from point A to point B. I felt as if I was living my backup plan, not my life purpose, and needed assistance figuring this out. Nancie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me focus, assisted with clear short and long-term goal setting, and provided invaluable guidance for determining the career path that most resonated with me. Nancie provided me with numerous methods for getting "unstuck" and conquering fears and mental roadblocks. I've learned to believe in myself and my abilities ... I've also learned to cultivate an abundance mindset, as opposed to coming from a place of scarcity and lack. Nancie has helped me to be more goal-oriented in my approach. It was wonderful having a life coach to help me push past the challenges that arose . . .

~ G.H.

 "I heard about Nancie at a time where I was completely overwhelmed - financially, professionally, and personally - and after just one session I had so much more clarity about what it was I needed to do to get to where I want to be.  Nancie helped me push through the quagmire and see where I had options, and helped me come up with strategies to make the best use of my time so I could fully enjoy my options."

~ Beth D., CEO

"Nancie has had a hugely positive impact in my life! Her intuitive nature allows her to get straight to the heart of the matter.  Every time I speak with her, she has fresh and honest insight that helps me to get over the hurdle I am facing at the time. Nancie's caring and nurturing personality also makes her really pleasant to speak with.  I feel like I am talking to one of my closest friends! Her uncanny ability to say EXACTLY what I need to hear is priceless, really."

~ Ayana

"Before working with Nancie, I had to overcome a negative and/or mediocre thinking about what I am able to accomplish. I also had to work through worrying about what the other person was thinking about me or my actions. It effected me in my personal and professional life. I became an Independent Consultant for a skincare company and realized my concern about the above issues, and insecurity stemming from these issues, was keeping me from moving forward. These issues had also kept me from applying for various positions in my primary field as an Underwriter.

I contacted Nancie after getting a recommendation from another business owner, who had been helped by Nancie. I put growing my business on hold until Nancie helped me to apply actions to my life and thoughts, in order to get beyond the negative thinking. She helped me to understand and believe that many of those thoughts were not based in reality.  I knew, in theory, a lot of what we discussed but did not know how to apply it to my own thought processes.

Do I still have some of those thoughts -  yes.  I am so much better equipped today to 'talk back' to the negative thoughts that come in my mind and stop them. I am becoming more involved in different activities in order to meet people and share information about my business now.  I continue to work on some issues that have to do with confidence in being front of a crowd and speaking, but now I can see that I should be able to overcome that also. Before my sessions with Nancie, I would have told you that was just the way it was, and would not have expected it to change.  Thank you Nancie"

 ~ Vickie

"I've been thinking a lot about our sessions together & how different my attitude/work-life balance/goals/mentality are now. I had no idea that life coaching could continue to help even AFTER our sessions! I was just thinking this morning about how I can immediately tell you what "lights me up" and "excites me" and what I'm passionate about- thanks to you! :) I love reading your posts & am inspired...."


notes of gratitude

"Almost every day I remember something you said. You helped me feel more in control and better able to handle the stress of the job. Thank you. You are providing a very important service. ~ Client R.

"Nancie, A quick note to express my appreciation for your help. You have a great style and methods for helping me think through things (that perhaps should be obvious, but are difficult to work through on my own). It’s been helpful to have your questions, perspectives, and insights....I am sincere when I say that I appreciate your work and talents. Thank you."  ~ Client W., President and CEO, Atlanta, GA.

"Nancie, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You've helped me become a better person and get to the place where I want to be... I'm happier and have so much more confidence than when I first started out."  ~Melissa

"You have been tremendously helpful. I would not be where I am today without you! Thank you so much!" - Client Y., University Professor

"Thank you for the support and thoughtfulness, you are such a gift!" ~Client L.

"I honestly don’t know that I would have given that relationship a chance were it not for the work that you and I did together, so thank you for that." ~ Client A.

"I could not have gotten to this place in my life with you! I mean it! When I was sinking, and stuck, you helped me get out! I owe a lot to you! I wish I knew how to repay you in someway! Thank you again from the bottom on my heart!" ~ Client H.

"Thank you for helping me take charge of my own happiness." ~Client K, University Professor

"Your support, inspiration, guidance, motivation and unconditional love have helped us more than words can exemplify."  ~Client T

"I feel so inspired after every time we speak!!" ~TP, Administrator

"Thanks again for everything. You have been a blessing in my life. Thank you." ~Client S., Musician

"Thank you for all your support. It means the world to me and for that I am so thankful."  ~Client F.

"Thank you for all you are and your "stand" in the world..." ~Client S

"Thank you so much for your kind words, guidance, and encouragement. You really gave me the boost that I needed to begin to narrow down all of the options I have...I have completely changed my perspective on how I'm going to move forward in this field, and I cannot thank you enough..." ~OS

"Thanks for the motivation!!! This (big business milestone) wouldn't have happened without you!!" ~ Client C., Business Owner

I'm waking up with much more DRIVE now than I was a month ago. It's refreshing." ~ Client A., Sales Executive

"Thank you so much again for helping me get back into the swing of things. Our conversation really lit a fire under me, so I have my motivation back."

"I am so grateful and feel like my days have more direction; you have definitely added value!" ~ Client C.

"You are my help me so much! I am going to miss you!!!" ~ Client D., Workshop Leader


I hear positive feedback from clients on a regular basis because they see RESULTS and changes in their lives.