After coaching for ten years, one thing one theme I’ve noticed is what people want. Above all, what I have consistently heard from clients is that they want more meaning and fulfillment. They crave freedom. They desire inner peace. They want less stress. They want to feel confident. They want to spend more time with what and who matters most to them. They have dreams and want to get unstuck in order to take steps to get there, instead of thinking about getting started “some day.”

As humans, we generally want the same things. This is also what motivates me to keep going.

Whether it's quitting a job, starting a business, taking up new hobbies, making self-care a priority, getting out of your comfort zone, reducing overwhelm, or designing life in retirement, I have been so honored to help many people these last 10 years improve life satisfaction and create a life filled with more meaning.

Since a major theme that has arisen among my clients is the desire for more freedom, I have created a new intensive 10-week individualized coaching program called "10 Steps to Freedom."

This intensive one-on-one coaching program will be offered for a limited time only, with a start date by April 15, 2019. The goal to get super focused and take steps towards what you really want in life.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 30-minute private coaching sessions via phone or Skype (allow more time for the first)

  • Program worksheets to help with reflection (in a shared drive to keep the process organized)

  • Tailored assignments, with at least one action step after each session

  • Consistency, momentum, and accountability

    Together we will map out what will give you a feeling of more freedom and fulfillment in order to flourish. I'll help you take micro-steps so that you get out of your own way and are no longer waiting for "some day."

Investment for this intensive 10-week private coaching program is $1,650. Payment plans are available.

To apply for "10 Steps to Freedom," complete the application below, and I’ll contact you to chat! ❤️

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