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Thanks for a very inspiring and motivational session Nancie. I was writing some notes and really started focusing on a vision and actionable goals. I even went online and joined a weekly ‘challenge’ to try one new healthy recipe a week. :) 

~ Amy, Virtual Group Workshop Participant

I’m so glad I was able to participate in your very inspiring goal setting workshop. It’s exactly what I needed to get my year going in the right direction.

~ Anonymous, Goal Setting Workshop Participant, Atlanta, GA

Many thanks for this beautiful opportunity Nancie. It has really helped me to focus on all the beauty that exists in my world already, and have felt motivated to take those steps towards my goals. One of them (which I has been on my list for the last two years) has been to create a body of art work to display at one of our community cafes. This has always been a scary prospect for me as painting is not my usual form of creative expression, even though I enjoy it but something has been pushing me to do so. Soo.... I am booked in for March and my creative flow has come through with a vengeance. So thanks again for this inspirational exercise!
Blessings on your year ahead… xo

~ Anonymous, Virtual Group: 5-Day Challenge Participant, Australia

Excellent instructor! I loved this class!

~ Anonymous, "Flourishing 101" Class Participant, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

I really enjoyed the meeting and learned a lot from the information presented as well as other members’ input. It was good meeting new people who are seeking to improve their living!

~ Anonymous, Flourishing Workshop Participant, Atlanta, GA

Thank you Nancie! For your well wishes and for helping me get things into perspective and start this year off right with your course. You’re making a difference in people’s lives and may God bless you abundantly for that!

~ Anonymous, Virtual Group: 5-Day Challenge Participant, Florida

Nancie’s class was an oasis in an otherwise noisy digital world. Her stress management techniques are invaluable, as she shows how to eliminate the clutter in our day-to-day lives . Thanks to her I’ve been able to control my stress, and put my life more in perspective. I clearly see the world differently now.  

~  Randy F., Stress Reduction Course Participant, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

The workshop was a good recharge for me....Keep being a positive beacon.

~ Anonymous, Goal Setting Workshop Participant, Atlanta, GA

My husband brought me a flier for Nancie Vito’s 4-week class, STRESS REDUCTION FOR A BALANCED LIFE. It asked the questions “Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed”? The class would “teach me practical ways to reduce stress that can be implemented right away.” This, I thought, was here at the perfect time in my life! Nancie has created a realistic workshop that focuses on positive behaviors and rethinking of present attitudes. I enjoyed the inter-action with the other participants as we discussed ways to communicate, understand, and adopt new goals for our lives. I highly recommend Nancie Vito and this empowering class.

~ Roberta, Stress Reduction Workshop Participant, Atlanta, GA

We are so glad we listened in on your talk this evening! Thank you for sharing your passion with the’s a better place for it.....and you are definitely an inspiring person!

~ Steve, Virtual Tele-Class Participant


I hear positive feedback from clients on a regular basis because they see RESULTS and changes in their lives.