Attention: To you who feels burned out or stuck in a soul-sucking job and searching for more...

Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck, in a rut, going through the motions or floundering? Or your work - life balance feels way out of whack and you’re not doing much that you actually enjoy or are passionate about?

Maybe you've been following the "shoulds" and have the desire to dream big and contribute your talents in a big way. Maybe you need the extra nudge to walk through the fear. You might second guess yourself and back down after a certain point.

Your job keeps you financially afloat but you find it absolutely draining. You have no energy at the end of the day and want to live a life filled with more joy and authenticity.

If you feel drained, burned out, unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed or unfulfilled, you're not alone. Perhaps your stress has even affected your physical health. You may feel “blah,” discouraged, frustrated, and sometimes dread getting up in the morning.

Maybe you’re been out of school for 10 or 15 years or so and still feel like you’re searching for a sense of purpose or meaning. You’re no longer excited about your work and have a dream to do something else. Perhaps you think differently from your colleagues with whom you work. Sometimes you may feel you can’t be who you truly are and feel like you’re out of alignment with your values. (And you know you can do better with boundaries.)

Sometimes you find yourself holding back...possibly because of fear, perfectionism, indecision or procrastination.

And yet, you know there’s something greater in life. You may have goals or dreams, such as being your own boss or doing something more meaningful. You feel you are not living to your potential but the thought of doing so may seem overwhelming or stressful, or you find yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to moving forward.

You want to take big steps in your life and know that that extra "nudge," motivation and accountability may be what you need.

There IS a way to get unstuck, feel less stressed and enjoy your life.

You've wished, hoped, visualized and read self-help it's time to follow through and take action towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

If you want to start a new chapter but don’t know how or your next step, it’s time to do things differently so that:

  • you allow yourself to focus on your own happiness and overall well-being
  • you take steps towards your life goals and share your unique gifts with the world
  • you gain a greater sense of work-life balance so you feel more ALIVE
  • you create your ideal life on your own terms and values and not necessarily about fitting in or what you “should” do
  • you step into your power and greatness once a for all in order to feel a greater sense of inner peace, meaning, purpose and fulfillment…while integrating the mind, body and spirit

Are you ready for a transformation and shift in order to focus on your own happiness? Do you know in your gut that it’s time to take steps towards FLOURISHING and make a difference in the world?

Let me help you gain clarity and become unstuck so that you can live your life with more passion and purpose!

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