7 tips for dealing with change


“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A.A. Milne

Change is all around us. Isn't that the nature of life?  Everything is transient. Even the cells in our body constantly change.

How we deal with change, especially when at a crossroads, makes a big difference on our overall well-being, stress level and quality of life. We can deal with change in healthy ways, avoid dealing at all, or turn to behaviors that will not serve us. 

I myself have learned a ton of lessons over the years. Turns out the hardest times in my life were also some of the most important in terms of growth. I have learned that it is healthiest to embrace change, knowing that all is unfolding for my highest good. Easy? Not always. Doable? Absolutely.

We, as humans, are often afraid of change because we love to stay in our comfort zones. Our subconscious fights for it. We’re wired to fall back into the familiar because we think we know how it’s going to turn out. So when our subconscious feels threatened by something new, it wants us to retreat back to what's comfortable for us, even if it isn't healthy for us the long run.

Change can be especially scary if we resist it instead of embracing it. What are we scared of? Failure?  Success? The unknown? All of the above?

Although change can be challenging and stressful, there are ways we can deal with change in a healthy way to help prevent major overwhelm.

Here are 7 tips to help with smooth transitions:

  • We have the ability to create our own lives. Give yourself permission to make choices that serve you well. It’s also sometimes easier to change if we see it as a choice. (Doesn’t it always come down to perspective?) Our brain can re-wire.

  • To shake off anxiety and fear, faith helps a ton. Know and believe that all is and will be well. Letting go of one thing (job, relationship, place of residence, etc) often makes room for something new and better. Often the Universe has bigger plans for us than we imagine.

  • See challenges as opportunities. The opportunities and gifts are there, I promise. The way we choose to see things greatly affects our mental health and outlook on life. Maybe the change will help give you strength or develop new skills for your personal growth. This is for you to determine.

  • Use your coping and stress reduction skills wisely. Do what you can to prevent stress in the process. Taking care of yourself in the process will be crucial.

  • Turn your attention towards love, self-compassion and gratitude. Although this is important at any given moment, it is particularly important if you feel overwhelm creep up.

  • Do something nice for yourself - AND someone else - every day. Acts of kindness have a ripple effect, and will help you just as much as the other person.

  • Break down large projects into smaller steps to prevent or eliminate the feeling of overwhelm. One day at a time.

Change often happens for good reasons, even though sometimes we may not see it at the time. There's usually a life lesson to learn and ultimately we may come out stronger in the end.  

Feeling temporarily uncomfortable often comes hand in hand with personal growth. Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to get through to a better place. 

And, nothing is permanent. When we develop an awareness of the transient nature of life, it will help us to trust the process and  flow of life. <3

How about you? How do you feel about change? What are some ways you have found helpful when you have a huge change in your life?

Nancie VitoComment