One way to embrace your fears


As we go through life, most of us build up quite the collection of worries and anxieties. Over time, it becomes easy to use those fears as tools for avoiding the things that we are afraid of. Sometimes our fears are justified; often they are ones that we have created with limiting beliefs.

Fear can stop us living up to our full potential and hold us back in our lives. Have you ever missed out on a great business opportunity or personal relationship because you allowed your fears to hold you back? I’d say most of us have!  How many treasures lie undiscovered inside you because you’ve been too afraid to dive into those deep, dark caves and take a look?  

Joseph Campbell said, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."  Maybe it’s time we learn a few lessons from Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, who lets no treasure lie undiscovered! :)

Remember that we are the ones who created the cave so we are the ones who can kick our way in, and shine a spotlight through our fears and onto the treasure below. 

So if you are tired of limiting yourself, pull on your boots, grab your torch and get ready to go treasure hunting! Stay with me here...

In order to embrace our fears, it's helpful to develop a plan of action for facing them. You can get your plan off to a successful start by being honest with yourself.  Accept that at the heart of most worries and anxieties is the fear of change and the unknown - and then make the conscious decision to change anyway. 

Hunt out those caves.

1.     Do you know what it is that you truly fear?  Take a few moments to think about what makes you worry and feel anxious, and why you fear it. Making a list of the things you fear and wish to change is very helpful to creating a plan of action. While you can keep your list in your head, it’s easier to see it clearly if it’s on paper.  Think about keeping a journal to map out your adventures and discoveries.

2.     Once you have a list of what you would like to change, decide which fear you would like to embrace first. The greater your focus and efforts, the easier it is to change.

3.     List the reasons why you feel that you need to make a change and write down each good thing, each benefit, that you will receive once you face your fear and embrace this change. These benefits are the treasures that you will receive once you embrace your fear, and will help you to maintain your focus and energy as you confront your personal obstacles to change. 

Prepare for the obstacles.

1.     Now that you've identified the treasure that is yours to claim, think about what it is that stands in the way of achieving your goal. These obstacles can be big or little, real or imagined. Write down each one as it comes to mind.

2.     Now that you know the obstacles that you face, and the treasure that awaits you, come up with a plan to defeat your obstacles. Sometimes you may need to figure out a way around an obstacle rather than confronting it head on; other times you may find that you need the help of others to overcome your obstacles. (Even Lara Croft didn’t always work alone! :))

Leave them lying in the dust.

More often than you imagine, the obstacles will disappear simply because you recognize them. Remember – many are imaginary that we’ve created by ruminating in our heads. Once you know why they are there, you may not have to deal with them anymore.  It’s surprising how fear can lose its power just because you’ve shone your light onto it.

While you are standing here, poised and still ready to take on 2015, picture yourself living the year you really want to live, instead of the one you limit yourself into. You know, the deepest, darkest cave usually holds the greatest treasure. It really is worth fighting through dust and cobwebs to get to it.


If you're tired of limiting yourself,  schedule a free call with  me!  I'm here to help you embrace your fears so you can live the life you want.

Have you had times when embracing your fears have results in something amazing?  Please share below; I'd love to hear!

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