10 Mood Boosters That Can Quickly Shift How You Feel

Dancing happy woman in red

Ever feel like you’re in a slump or in a “funk,” or you just need to recharge your batteries? Or as if your energy is low and you just feel “blah?” 

Below are 10 simple tools that can quickly change the way you feel:


  1. Get physical.  Take a walk, dance, jump, do anything to move. This will help get oxygen flowing and can be a quick mood shifter.
  2. Listen to music.  This is one of my favorite go-to ways to shift my energy. Listening to my favorite (upbeat) songs can make a huge impact. Neuroscience shows that music affects many different parts of the brain, so go ahead and turn up the tunes!
  3. Know yourself:  Respect your downtime and replenish alone, or get social.  Evaluate and ask yourself if you’ve had enough downtime lately.  If your batteries need to be charged by spending some good old fashioned alone time (by reading, writing, taking a long bath, or whatever nourishes you), be sure to do just that. On the other hand, getting social and contacting a friend to hangout can do wonders. The key is to know what you need when.
  4. Seek a change of scenery. Get out of the house. Do something different. This could be going on day or weekend trip, or even finding something new to do in your town or city. Consciously breaking up your routine can do wonders.
  5. Remember your passions. Sometimes we get in a rut doing the same thing day in and day out and we forget what our interests and passions are. Think about what hobbies you may have had in the past that have brought you joy. Like to paint? Pick up a paint brush and just start. You’ll likely get back in the flow quickly.  Love animals and don’t have one?  Head out to the shelter or to a friend’s house. Love to serve a specific population? Look into volunteering.
  6. Ask yourself what would nourish you at this moment. Being mindful about your mind, body and soul needs is crucial. Is it a green smoothie?  Some hot tea and aromatherapy? Literally ask yourself “what do you need right now?”
  7. Remember that you are unique and honor your awesomeness! Keep a list of all your compliments, accomplishments, and good things that happen so you can pull it out when you’re in a slump.
  8. Help someone. There’s nothing like helping someone else to give yourself a boost of energy. Mentor, do a random act of kindness, call someone to brighten his or her day.
  9. Turn it off!  Power down the smart phone, Ipad, and computer. Sign out of social media. Often times if folks are in a slump and they see all the “good” things people post, social media ends up doing them more harm then good. If you’re feeling a case of “FOMO” (fear of missing out), keep in mind that a lot people just post the good and not the other very REAL parts of their lives.
  10. Magnify your strengths. Make a list of them, in fact. We all have them. What are yours?

(Side note: Of course if your energy is continually low, it’s good to figure out the root cause. Getting enough nutrients? Vitamin D?  Would a B-vitamin help? Be sure to talk to your healthcare practitioner with any concerns.)

So! What works for you?  Please share some of your mood boosters and shifters below!