Sometimes you gotta walk away...

One of my long-term clients recently walked away after many years from what many would say is a “great job.”


Many people I speak with feel really burned out, often times like it is a struggle to do the work in a particular field or job they are in.  

While walking away is not for everyone, some find it liberating.

Some people prefer to work in a job that is just “okay” and pursue their passions on the side. As long as they feel fulfilled, I think that’s great. Everyone is different.

No matter your situation, I encourage you to look at what you are resisting in your life. Sometimes the things that we resist are the ones that will cause us to grow like you wouldn’t believe. Distinguish what just doesn’t feel right versus what your soul is resisting. Our souls often resist that which is super important, therefore a level of fear covers us like a blanket…often squelching to the point of feeling stuck.

Pay attention to what feels right. Only you know your truth and when you’re being guided to do something else.

While there are many self-care strategies you can put into play while at a (soul-sucking) job, it is important to really be honest with yourself.  We don’t want to pretend or force ourselves to like our job or to be someone we’re not. While you can do what you can to make it more pleasant for yourself while you’re there, if you can no longer find that spark, trust yourself and that inner voice of yours. Do what you can to find the faith and courage to move on.  

Do you feel in your gut that it’s time to do something else?  Maybe start your own business or do something where you really can make a difference using your strengths? 

If you think about the bigger picture, sometimes walking away might be best all-around for everybody. (Actually, choosing your truth is always best; the Universe knows what it is doing. :) When you walk away from something that’s not YOU and that no longer serves you, sometimes it’s also best for your employers, colleagues, and even your family members and friends because you can become an even more awesome, less stressed, more authentic version of you.  Your employers and co-workers might benefit from somebody new coming in, bringing a different energy to the table. (Also, sometimes walking away opens the position to someone who is a better fit:  someone who really wants your job and would love to be doing what you’re doing.)

So again, I’m not encouraging everyone to quit their jobs. I just want to point out that it’s good to reflect, to be honest and to listen to your inner guide. You have to do what’s best for you. I know this also takes stepping out of your comfort zone. Often times it requires lots of support to identify your fears, implement strategies to help face your fears, and to keep walking despite your fears.

If you choose to let go of something, your practical voice (and well-intentioned folks) may want to talk you out of it. The rational / logical part of you may be tempted to re-think and justify your move. Remember your FEELINGS. You don't have to justify your feelings and no one can argue with how you're feeling. Saying yes to your truth also involves saying no to other stuff.

So remember what it is you really want. Reaffirm to yourself what’s not working for you, and let go of - or at least fade out – what is toxic in your life. You want a life where you look forward to your days.

Somewhere in you is massive courage that you may have never known existed. I myself know that it takes HEAPS of courage to walk away from all that you know.

Sometimes doing nothing is far more debilitating than taking the leap.

And no matter what happens, you will be okay.

You know somewhere deep inside what to do…

I hope - for your happiness and well-being - that you choose your truth.

Nancie VitoComment