Happier You Power Hour

Happier You Power Hour


Whether you are at a crossroads, feel burned out or stressed, or would like to gain clarity on your vision in order to set some powerful goals, this session is for you!  You will walk away with steps to take in order to move forward.

What: This is a 60-minute Skype call with just you + me diving in so you can get the ball rolling. We’ll come up with action steps that you can implement right away so that you can move forward with making some positive changes in your life. 

Why:  While I truly believe that ongoing coaching can be so transformative, I also think there are some folks who could benefit from a one-time call to help get the ball rolling.

Who:  If you sometimes feel stressed, burned out, stuck or find yourself spinning your wheels when it comes to moving forward, this session is for you. Or if your work-life balance feels way out of whack as you find yourself answering work email at 10pm, we can together come up with a self-care plan to get your life back.

How: After you purchase, I'll send a link to schedule your call. Unless otherwise agreed, the call will be held over Skype. 

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