5 Things I Learned From My Dog


Pets are funny. They bring joy to our lives and love unconditionally. And when it comes to life lessons, they can also be our teachers. People can come into our lives to teach us something, and this can be true for animals as well.

Whether it is patience or to relax and enjoy life, we can learn to pay attention to what messages they could be sending us.

Below are five of the things Miso Puggie (pictured here) has taught me: 

1.  Miso lives in the present. Every day is a new day, and she wakes up on the sunny side of the street every morning. She is always just as excited about breakfast as she was the day before - and as if her breakfast is something new.

We all also have the capacity to decide how we want to start our day. Do we want to start off on the wrong foot by dreading the day, or consciously set intentions to do what we can to make it a great day?

2.  She does not hold grudges. She forgives, loves unconditionally and does not discriminate or judge. She makes friends with everyone she sees, no matter their race, background, or situation. She can often be found bringing joy to the homeless population around Atlanta.

3.  Miso is almost always excited to see you. Seriously, doesn’t it feel good to see someone light up when they see you? Maya Angelou once said that she regretted not always lighting up when seeing her children while she was raising them, as she believed she often looked at them with a critical eye instead (e.g., “your shirt is un-tucked”).  She learned her lesson and taught others to light up when they see their children. What a pleasure it is to feel and see joy from others when entering a room.

4.  On a similar note, Miso can change the energy in the room. We all have the ability to do this. Oprah, for example, believes that we are all responsible for the energy we bring into the room. I, too, truly believe this and invite you all to be conscious of this as well. The same goes for phone calls. Have you ever been in a really good mood and received a phone call from someone who just wanted to complain the entire time? How did it make you feel?

5.  Miso expresses her emotions, and unapologetically so. Sure, yep, I know, she’s a dog. But really, one can tell what she is feeling at any given moment. It is clear that she feels a FULL RANGE of emotions. She does not hold in her feelings based on what others will think. Animals experience that fight or flight response when something scary occurs, yet they do not hold on to that stress. It is usually fleeting and temporary. They let it go.

How about you?  What have animals taught you? Anything that you want to consciously change about your habits or daily routine? Please share any action steps or insights below!

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