Finding Your Truth

 When at a birthday celebration dinner recently, a colleague started talking with me about how as she gets older, she makes decisions with her head instead of her heart.



I told her that I’m the opposite. Since I used to overthink things waaayy too much, I’ve learned to use my internal navigation system and trust my gut and intuition when making decisions. When I feel my heart and that internal nudge, I pay attention. I don’t need to be too cerebral about everything.

We then discussed how we’ve both experienced times in our lives where we felt one thing – even in our bones – but chose to go a different route.

Here’s the deal. We have all the answers inside of us. Some religions call our internal guides as the “still small voice within.” The answers often show up when we are silent and still, rather than listening to the noise and chatter in our heads.

When we ask people their opinions, we have to remember that the opinion they give is based on THEIR values and belief systems.

And I’ve seen it over and over. When we do something that someone else said we should do, or that we think we’re supposed to do when it’s not in alignment with who we really are, our souls will eventually feel the burden.

How can we NOT feel heavy when we are using up so much energy RESISTING and pretending to be someone we’re not?

Many people have life goals that are someone else’s. Pay attention to your own energy. What works for one person or what is recommended by certain gurus may not resonate with you. It’s not a one size fits all. I’ve seen so many people base their decisions or next steps on what others are doing. When you’re your own person, everyone benefits! The ripple effect of your energy, groundedness and authenticity is amazing. So cheers to being authentic.

Sometimes what our internal guide is telling us does not seem logical. And that’s okay.

In regards to my colleague, she ultimately explained that what she has changed is that she stops to think first before making knee-jerk emotional  decisions.

There is no wrong way of making the decisions, so what may be right for my colleague may not be right for me. The truth is we’re all wired differently, personality-wise. Some of us naturally use our feelings and some use logic. Using our internal guide takes practice.

The key is that I think we have to find our own balance while not ignoring what that voice inside us is whispering to us. Pay attention to the messages and when something inside is tugging at us, giving us the nudge.

So how do you make decisions?  What works for you?  A pros and cons list? By looking within and meditating / reflecting on it? By relaxing into it and seeing what you’re guided to next? By determining what it feels like in your body?

Try your options on for size and see how your body feels energetically. With each option, determine if it feels draining or energizing to you?

And most of all, go ahead and trust yourself. The Universe has our backs.