The Life-Shaping Power of Small Choices


Every choice you have made so far in life has brought you to where you are now.

Rarely is it that one choice will make or break your future. In fact, it’s a series of choices that lead you to a destination.

Picture a chessboard. You make a move which ripples out and causes the other player to make his own move. Then you are once again faced with a choice.

To which square should you move?

Big changes happen in response to a series of smaller changes. Isn’t that beautiful news? It means that you have the power to change things. The truth is that you have made the choices that have shaped your life so you can also make the choices that reshape it.

You don’t have to be daunted by the idea of working towards a huge goal. Everything is manageable, once you take responsibility for the small choices you make along the way. We have more control than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

When you recognize that you have the chance to make a choice, you can choose to take the opportunity. The secret lies in being aware that you are being asked for a decision. Today’s choice can be one step away from the future you want, or one step towards it.

Small choices every day add up to big results.

What is your one next step that will lead you to your vision, dream or goal?

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Step by step, you will reach your destination.

Step by step, you will reach your destination.

Nancie Vito2 Comments