Living life in the flow


Have you ever had times in your life where everything seems to flow?  And the level of synchronicity is off the charts?

When you're in the flow of life, living with purpose and in your brilliance, life seems to unfold with more ease. Here are five steps to help you “Get into the Flow”:

1. Learn to trust.

After you decide and commit to getting in the flow, believe that life is good and trust the timing of life. It can make all the difference, as this offers infinite possibilities. When you see an opportunity that makes you feel expansive, trust what you're feeling and allow good things to happen instead of resisting it. You don’t have to know or prepare for every step of the "how."  Sometimes we have to ride with chance. Trust your inner voice and that gut feeling. It doesn’t steer you wrong.

2. Embrace the highs and lows of life.

Living in the flow will take you out of your comfort zone so at times you will feel uncomfortable, but those times will pass. At other times, you will fly high and free, soaring in your brilliance, and you’ll realize what life is really supposed to be like. Keep the bigger picture in mind and remember that perspective can make a huge difference.

3. Stop and smell the roses.

Invest the time in discovering exactly what it is that you love, that you are naturally drawn to. If you focus on doing what you love, versus what you "should" be doing, you'll be more likely to feel like the sense of ease you may crave. When your life is built around your values and the things which are important to you, life unfolds in wonder before you.

4. Let go.

You can either try to control the flow or go with it. By choosing control, you dam up the flow, and miss all the wonderful possibilities that life might give you. Forget about control of external events. The flow knows where it’s taking you, so join it with your whole heart.

5. Live with purpose.

When you are living your life in the flow, you are living in such a way that all of your needs and values hold importance to you. Living on and with purpose can make all the difference. We can take steps to becoming more mindful of when we're creating our own limitations, and when we're allowing the expectations of others to define reality for us. Notice what makes you expansive, and what fills you with exhilaration.

When you learn to live in the flow, things can seem to fall into place. You will experience times of brilliance, when you’re ‘in the zone,’ and your talents and destiny seem to collide. You will produce your best work and be energized as you create.

Life in the flow is beautiful. Allow yourself to have it. :)