What is your super power?


I just got off a call with someone and it got me thinking about using our strengths --AKA our super powers!

Research shows that we feel a greater sense of happiness and well-being when we utilize our natural gifts. We all have them!

For me, one of my super powers is helping people get unstuck. I had several calls this week (one of them being this morning) in which I was able to help someone get unstuck pretty quickly. It's so fun to see a shift in energy!!

So, I wanted to pop in to remind you all that we all have gifts and sometimes need to make a conscious effort to use them. 

Oftentimes these natural strengths are those same things that LIGHT US UP. Like we can actually feel it in our body. 

I encourage you to pay attention of what those things are for you.  Make a list of them. 

You can then observe the list, and consider how you can incorporate at least one of those into your daily work life. Also, how can you use your strengths to create positive emotions? 

So...what is your super power?  Let me know in the comments below!

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